Processing for Android


Like the rest of the Processing project, Processing for Android is a collective effort. Work started in 2010 with Ben Fry and Jonathan Feinberg creating the basic pieces of the Android mode and core library, and Andres Colubri developing the OpenGL ES renderer. During Google Summer of Code 2014, Imil Ziyaztdinov implemented signed package export, device selection, and automatic SDK download. The next year, as part of Google Summer of Code 2015, Umair Khan updated the mode to work in Processing 3, refactored the core library to use Fragments, and wrote a video playback and capture library. In 2016, with support from Google Creative Lab, Andres Colubri extended the mode to include live wallpapers, watch faces, and Cardboard apps, and created this site. For a full list of contributors, check this page.